Emma Smith became the new Wedding Day winner

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1) The prizes are VERY generous

The winning couple are the pair who pick up the most prizes throughout the contest. On top of those treats – which might include a weekend away or a year’s supply of champagne – they also have their wedding, reception and honeymoon paid for. The nation will also see the lucky pair take their wedding vows during the show.

“It’s outrageous!” jokes Rob. “I think it’s too much! But that’s why they’re so happy and up for it.”

And unlike traditional game shows, there are no real losers.

“The runners-up still get a mini-moon and their wedding and reception is also paid for,” Lorraine explains. “The only difference is that the losers’ wedding is only shown during the show’s end credits.”

The weddings and receptions take place at the famous Pinewood Studios, where the show is filmed.

“Pinewood has got this amazing country manor,” says Lorraine.

Rob adds: “The two weddings got a wing [of the manor] each. They [the wedding parties] just start intermingling because they all really bonded.”

2) It’s a primetime first for Lorraine (and Rob) – and ITV doesn’t mind Lorraine being on the BBC

Lorraine says: “This is the biggie… it’s very grown-up. It’s kind of a new start.

“I never thought in a million years I’d be doing a BBC shiny, gorgeous Saturday night show, it’s a real thrill. ITV are fine, I do other stuff for STV, I did a documentary for Channel 5 and I’ve done stuff for Sky. As long as I don’t do it at the time I’m on in the morning so I’m not up against myself!”

3) It’s going up against The Voice

Several episodes will air in January, when it will go up against ITV1 show The Voice, with the remainder airing during the spring, with wedding season in full swing.

The Voice used to air on the BBC in the same primetime slot.

Lorraine says: “I think we’re ready for it (a family show).”

Rob chips in: “It’s fun escapism, there’s a lot going on in the world – Trump, Brexit – it’s stressful whether you’re happy about it or not!”

4) In Lorraine we trust

Rob credits Lorraine with putting the contestants at ease, saying: “We were a bit worried in case there were any bridezillas but when we spoke to them, they just all said ‘We knew it would be OK because Lorraine’s presenting it’, which I think is a lovely testament – because they trust in Lorraine.”



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